Brown’s new Zin + Cabernet = WOW

The Wine Insiders “Outstanding 94″ points for this Napa Valley blend of 60%  Cabernet Sauvignon 40% Zinfandel

This is Brown’s finest bottling since their legendary 2002 Cabernet! Combining the best Napa Cabernet and Napa Zinfandel from their estate, they’ve created a sumptuous and decadent blend in the Brown Chaos Theory 2005 that will leave fans of the Prisoner begging for more. Just released, this is one amazing wine and it’s no surprise considering Brown has been one of the very top Zinfandel producers in California with a secret Cabernet that has wowed the lucky insiders who have managed to get their hands on some. The deft blending of their best lots clearly demonstrates that Brown is on top of their game right now.

Currently this wine is available for $49 (Click Here)